The Divine Plane was the home to the Gods of Light and the Gods of Darkness. It was from here that they influenced the Mortal Plane when they were not directly walking upon it. The High God also held court here for a time before disappearing.

History Edit

The Divine Plane was created shortly after the creation of the Gods of Light and the Gods of Darkness. The Divine Plane was tied directly to the lifeforce of those gods, so if they were to die, it too would fade.

The Divine Plane was connected to the Mortal Plane via Aenna, a giant white disc in the sky of the Mortal Plane that served as a window that the gods could look through. Aenna was connected to the Basin, a large bowl of Divine Blood that gave the gods the ability to look out Aenna, as well as travel below.

Notable Locations Edit

  • Ayyslid
  • Infernaak
  • The High God's Throne
  • The Grey God's Shrine
  • The Basin