The Mortal Plane was the first of the Realms of Creation made by the High God. The Mortal Plane is the first place where humans existed, and is also the plane that keeps the majority of the Empty Gods imprisoned. The destruction of the Mortal Plane, as well as the death of the High God, would release them from their bonds.

History Edit

See the Gods and Men Cycle Timeline.

The Mortal Plane was originally created as a paradise for mortals to live with each other in harmony. After an unknown amount of time the High God decided that this was not true perfection as the mortals had no choice but to be good and pure. To counteract this, the High God gave mortals the choice between good and evil and let death into the world to make thier lives hold more meaning.

If mortals were good, they would return to the High God's side upon their death, in the newly made Astral Plane. Those who were evil would fade from creation. To personify this choice the High God also created the lesser gods: the Gods of Light and the Gods of Darkness.

For the lesser gods to reside in, the High God created the Divine Plane, which was tethered to the Mortal Plane via Aenna, known as the window to the Divine Plane. Once the Gods of Light and the Gods of Darkness came into being, war broke out between their followers. This war changed the very face of the Mortal Plane, leading to endless violence that lasted over a thousand years.

Notable Locations Edit

  • Illux
  • The Rim of Paradise
  • Seatown
  • The Grey Temple
  • The Great Chasm